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Lifetime deals for software and online tools let you pay once and use forever. They're a great way to try out new tools or to add features to your business without ongoing subscription costs.

These are the biggest and most popular sellers of lifetime tech deals in 2024...


AppSumo pioneered lifetime deals for software, SaaS (Software as a Service, aka webapps), and online tools.

AppSumo started out offering one deal at a time, each one was sold only for a couple of weeks, and when each deal was over a new deal started in its place.

As their community of lifetime deal enthusiasts grew into many thousands, they upped the ante by building out a whole online store of lifetime deals.

AppSumo is known for vetting great deals, and for standing by their customers with stellar support, including a no-questions-asked refund period of 60 days.



StackSocial is a full-blown online shop that sells physical and digital products, including online tools, SaaS apps, webapps, and even desktop apps.

StackSocial offers many lifetime deals, and is a particularly good place to buy lifetime VPN accounts, social media management tools, and project management tools. They often offer stock image/video collections, language learning tools, and other fun and helpful online tools.

They offer refunds for unredeemed products as store credit, and their support staff is responsive and helpful.

StackSocial is one of the best places to gets deals for tools and software that you've vetted yourself and already know will be reliable and useful to your needs.


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